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We are currently in the middle of legal proceedings, and that has made me temporarily unable to blog like I was before. It has prevented me from having an outlet, and speaking freely on certain subjects at the moment.


Following a divorce, it may feel like you’re the only one getting the raw deal, but everyone loses out.

A parent loses experiencing at least part of their child’s life.

A child (or teen) loses the security of living in 1 home with everyone they love.

A stepparent loses the experience of being a 1st time parent with their spouse.

All of these are valid losses, and all of them have their struggles.


I could have made this article listing all of the statistics that we as stepparents we’ve already glanced over.

I could tell you the percentage of children who will live in a stepfamily before they’re 18, and the number of years a second marriage usually lasts.

I could tell you the worst thing about having stepchildren, and try to scare you into reading it.

But how does that truly help your current situation?


I am a Certified Life Coach and proud step-mom based in Toronto, Canada. I am dedicated to assisting extended families to become the happiest they can be.

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